This site was created specifically for military personnel that could easily find themselves in a foreign country, without the vast assets of the United States military’s tactical or logistical support. In places where not only the people are a threat but maybe the weather and terrain conditions are as well.

Those places that are referred to as the “Wild Places” of the world that a human being is moved down a few notches on the food chain (some times literally). This site is for the squad leaders who want to give their young warriors more knowledge through hip-pocket training, which the military seems to fall short on (except for the dumbs**t). Maybe this site will be seen by a company commander who will show brilliance and foresight and give...

Does an American executive protection detail have the same risk level as a PSD in Iraq, we would all hope not of course. With that said you can never be over the top when it gets right down to it, because it is as much about “force protection” as much as it is client protection.

Although this site is dedicated primarily to content involving S.E.R.E related subjects, about 70% of our cadres daily tasking is to hostage rescue training for law enforcement and PSD assignments.

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