This site was created specifically for military personnel that could easily find themselves in a foreign country, without the vast assets of the United States military’s tactical or logistical support. In places where not only the people are a threat but maybe the weather and terrain conditions are as well. Those places that are referred to as the “Wild Places” of the world that a human being is moved down a few notches on the food chain (some times literally). This site is for the squad leaders who want to give their young warriors more knowledge through hip-pocket training, which the military seems to fall short on (except for the dumbs**t). Maybe this site will be seen buy a company commander who will show brilliance and foresight and give his people some advanced training that isn’t part of the TO&E. A unit does not need an excessive budget or have to absorb training assets to train and master S.E.R.E skills.

Although this site was put together with SOCOM units in mind, any one can utilize this site and gain some type of information that may save their lives or their buddy’s life in a moment of life threatening chaos. Our cadre spend a collective 300 days a year training military personnel in adaption skills and law enforcement personnel in tactical operations training. Not to mention trapping, hunting, fishing and equipment evaluation that is done during training exercises. They train, test and revise forgotten survival skills from primitive people of the past. And search out, field test and critique skills and equipment of the present. We have made it our operational doctrine to utilize every skill area in the worst of places and conditions so that the military personnel will be able draw from “Real World” experience. Individuals don’t learn just by reading books and sitting through classes. They need hands-on training to gain confidence in their skills and find out what works and doesn’t work.

There are basic fundamentals the U.S. Rescue & Special Operations Group cadre want this site to project to the possible would-be survivor. The following fundamental skills give an individual the ability to fend off the “Reaper” under extremely adverse conditions. With an emphasis on adverse conditions.

  1. The knowledge and use of natural insulating materials and its importance to the survivor’s well being (that’s you). If you can’t keep yourself from falling to the wrath of the elements, then forget about learning how to trap and build worthless solar stills.

  2. How to construct the right type of shelter for the specific terrain and weather conditions no matter what the environment. A shelter is your fortress against your enemies, the sun, wind, rain and cold. And can be a place to hide from your up right walking bi-pedal foe with the AK-47s.

  3. The ability to build a fire in any environment with little or no equipment. U.S. RSOG cadre train elite forces from all over the globe. We are constantly finding men of the warrior class that cannot build a fire under the best conditions (not all of them mind you). Don’t be over trained and under skilled.

  4. The collection, purification and desalination of different water sources. It’s a survivor’s lifeblood. Go without it long enough and the world will go without you before long. There are many creative ways to collect H2O from any given environment.

  5. How to trap game for REAL! Not the geriatric, coffee table B.S. that most military survival manuals put out. If you can’t feed yourself, your ability to fight on to another day may well be impossible at some point.

  6. A reasonable grasp of fishing methods that goes way past a hook and line.

  7. How to create improvised cordage from both man-made and natural materials. This is far more important than maybe assumed by a possible survivor.

  8. Improvising a cutting edge from man-made and natural materials. Through the military careers of the U.S. RSOG instructors it was common place to run into many military personnel in SOCOM forces that went to the field without an edged weapon. Hard to believe but very true (the majority of them were officers).

  9. Realize the importance of basic or advanced medical training and equipment. Being stranded in a world of mayhem without a medic is just part of Murphy’s law.

  10. Conditioning a would-be survivor to be “preparedness minded” is half the battle. Your life may very well be dependent on both the skills and equipment that you have brought along with you.

  11. The mastery of unarmed combatives. To include disarming a captor and the use of the smallest weapons, the combat handgun and edged weapons. Putting holes in paper targets has little to do with the tactical side of close quarter’s combatives.

When your world turns to manure and mushrooms, our cadre hope that you will keep your head. Demonstrate a blue-steel rod like intestinal fortitude and execute your field craft like a well-trained professional. If you fail to do that, at least try to leave a good-looking corpse.