S.E.R.E Test 3

  1. What is Ipecac and charcoal powder used for?

  2. What is the most important step in wound management?

  3. Povidine-iodine and sugar are used for what?

  4. Which method is better for wound management and advances proper healing? bandaged or open air?

  5. How best do you irrigate a puncture wound?

  6. What is Spenco 2nd Skin?

  7. First step to treating a burn is?

  8. After cleaning the wound what should you do to any debris stuck to the burn site?

  9. What percentage of the body is burned if an entire arm is damaged?

  10. What is the burn percentage if the front of the leg is damaged?

  11. What is the burn percentage if the damage is to the chest and upper back?

  12. The entire head?

  13. How often should a burn wound be cleaned and dressed?

  14. What type of ointment is best for speeding the healing process of wounds?

  15. What is the best way to dry the insides of your boots when out in the field?

  16. The white fiber strands from the leg or spine muscles of a hooved animal can be made into what very essential item?

  17. What do you do with the clear sheath that encapsulates sinew fibers?

  18. Why is sinew pounded on a wooden surface?

  19. Newly extracted sinew needs to have what process done to it to obtain the end product?

  20. Signaling aircraft with a signal fire takes large amounts of billowing smoke what are two of the best materials for this task?

  21. Eating snow does what for your body?

  22. How do you prevent snow blindness?

  23. Why is the ceiling of a snow cave shelter rounded?

  24. How does hydration help to fend off cold weather injuries?

  25. If returning from an Arctic region your sleeping bag weighs 20 lbs. what is probably the cause of this?

  26. What is the cure for AMS (acute mountain sickness)?

  27. What is H.A.P.E?

  28. What is H.A.C.E?

  29. What is Aralen ( chloroquine) used for?

  30. What is the best way to revive frost nipped digits?

  31. What is a snow marsh mellow?

  32. How is a hand flare best used to signal aircraft during the day when on land?

  33. What water types will shut down a pump water purifier?

  34. Water taken from vines should be what color?

  35. Why would you build a fire platform in the middle of a stream or river? (has nothing to do with a swamp platform)

  36. What is the #1 tool when going into a snow covered mountainous region (next to an avalanche beacon)?

  37. What is the name of the port on the bamboo fire saw and why is it there?

  38. What good is an improvised stove to a survivor? (metal bucket, wreckage material, piled rocks, etc.)

  39. How much water should be carried in a vehicle when traveling in desert terrain?

  40. How much food should be carried as EMERGENCY rations in a vehicle when traveling through desert terrain?

  41. How much EMERGENCY chow should be carried in a vehicle when traveling through mountainous terrain in the winter?

  42. What is the second most important emergency equipment next to water that should be in your vehicle when traveling through desert terrain? (Hint: use the rule of threes)

  43. On average how much coconut juice is safe to drink in one day?

  44. Shellfish are best cooked how (muscles, crabs, oysters, clams, etc)?

  45. Crawdads are best cooked how?

  46. How are snails best prepared in the field?

  47. What are two very important vehicle extraction devices? (winch is good but isn’t common try again)

  48. The most common way of over heating a vehicle in the desert is?

  49. Two most important items carried in a hollow handled knife?

  50. What is the number one rule of rescue if you are stranded at your vehicle and you believe a SAR operation has not been set into motion?

  51. How many ditch bags with the same contents should be on a boat (standard ocean going pleasure craft)?

  52. What are the 5 primary items in a ditch bag? There are more items of course.

  53. Should the raft be inflated and waiting before you grab the ditch bag or after?

  54. What are two characteristics of a good ditch bag? (the container not contents)

  55. What are the best colors of lures to carry in a salt-water fishing kit?

  56. You are stranded in a hard wood forest with a few inches of snow on the ground. You have your shelter built and a raging fire going, then you see a SAR chopper flying low across the horizon. Its time to make an attempt to signal him but you do not have a signal mirror. Your best bet is the fire without man made products or green leaves how do you get his attention?

  57. You are stranded in a rain forest, what is a better than "good" reason that you should limit your travels to the daylight hours?

  58. You have been fighting your way through thick vegetation and come to a river or large stream. Its 1300 hrs, in the month of June and you are south of the equator which way do you go on the river?

  59. The survivor finds himself/herself on a desert island enjoying a coconut diet and tropical sunsets. Why does he/she set up his shelter just inside of the tree line on the ocean edge?

  60. Same desert island, what is probably going to be your best cooking method for all of the your edible bounty? The word "best" refers more to making the food palatable?

  61. What is the best technique to keep leeches out of your pants and shoes? (before you leave the barracks)

  62. What is known as “back woodsman’s wire?”

  63. What is a good spice to carry in your kit for wilderness chows?

  64. You just came face to face with a bear of any type or color what do you not do?

  65. What it the “hand-drill” technique?

  66. What is the reason that we tell people to keep their mouth shut when they are in a desert environment?

  67. What size of Coniber “body grip” trap are you most likely to use for beaver?

  68. What are your actions if you are charged by a bear?

  69. What is the primary reason that you would use a “log cabin” fire set up?

  70. If there is no dry tinder to be found to build a fire, what is the next probable technique if you have a knife?

  71. You are above the tree line and highly prepared. You need hot fluids in your body so you reach into your ruck and pull out your isobutane-backpacking stove. How are you going to prep the unit before firing it up?

  72. How do you insulate a tent with natural materials in extreme cold temperatures and high winds?

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