1. What is COSPAT-SARSAT?

  2. What does an EPIRB do?

  3. What does EPIRB stand for?

  4. What is a "rescue ribbon" and how is it deployed?

  5. When confronted with a firearm at close range, (barrel to body contact out to arms length) what is the first rule of escape and attack?

  6. The buttstock of a longarm is directed in what direction when freeing it from an aggressor?

  7. When battling against an armed aggressor, he is not immobilized until what? (the final answers is when he is "dead" what happens before that).

  8. What is the number one reason that an evader would not want to dispatch a "disarmed" aggressor?

  9. When attacking an aggressor from the front with a blade the primary target is where? (donít get creative)

  10. When attacking from the rear the target is where?

  11. From the rear with a heavy blade?

  12. Youíre wrestling face to face with a pursuer, he is bigger and stronger than you and is on top of you. How do you start your escape?

  13. You are on top of him, how do you keep him from launching you off WWF style before you get the chance to pommel him unconscious?

  14. What is a neck crank?

  15. You are being pursued. You have taken a high post and set up for a rear shot with your handgun. The pursuers pass you, so your first 10-yard shot is at what target area of on the pursuer?

  16. Your second shot is where on the 2nd closest target?

  17. You avoid the high post rear shot when?

  18. What is the tactical importance of training to be a proficient ambidextrous pistol shooter? (not just familiar, but proficient).

  19. What is hafting?

  20. What is the most productive way to take common birds (robins, sparrows, starlings, etc)? (hint: it doesnít have anything to do with a snare or fish hook)

  21. What fish catching device offers the best chance of return for the effort? (its not explosives)

  22. What size of animals is a #220 Conibear trap used on?

  23. Which Conibear would mostly be carried in a kit carried in a ruck or in a vehicle?

  24. How is the "sting" taken out of stinging nettle so that it is rendered edible?

  25. Besides being edible what other use is sting nettle very useful for?

  26. What is the best way to prepare "tough" game to eat, such as coon, squirrel, turtle etc?

  27. Edible berries are best used for what? (method of preparation)

  28. Fleshing is part of what process?

  29. Cattail roots are biggest and best harvested during what season?

  30. What does NOAA stand for?

  31. What is one of its primary tasks?

  32. What is leaching?

  33. Small Caimans and alligators are best captured how?

  34. What is the most effective line set for fishing?

  35. How is blubber best prepared?

  36. Crushed flowers from the Jewel weed is used for what?

  37. When in arctic conditions how is a poncho, parachute, tarp of sheet material best used for shelter purposes? (think of the most common insulating material in the area)

  38. Why is water or oil used on a whetstone?

  39. What is the best method for taking a snake?

  40. How many leaves does poison ivy have and how many types of this plant are there?

  41. Best treatment of poison ivy in the field without using medicinal plants?

  42. What is cased skinning?

  43. What is the windpipe used for when gutting a deer?

  44. What is another use for a military field dressing that is not medical related?

  45. How is an antiseptic made from acorns?

  46. North is found by going off of what part of the Big Dipper?

  47. Cassiopeia forms the shape of what?

  48. A fulcrum snare is used under what conditions?

  49. How are wooden matches best waterproofed?

  50. The trigger stick on a Paiute deadfall is usually wedged between to parts of the trap what are they?

  51. What are the main ingredients of Pemmican that is made in the field?

  52. What is percussion flaking?

  53. What is pressure flaking?

  54. What are the five obstacles of escape?

  55. What general needs do you have to consider before escape?

  56. What is your number one point of interest when doing the recon to plan your escape?

  57. What questions should you ask yourself to plan for the 5 obstacles?

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